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Wheiza Kim


B.F.A Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. 1970
M.F.A Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul, Korea. 1986

2001 - Instructor of Korean Contemporary Art, SUNY at Stony Brook University, NY
1997 - 1998 Visiting Artist, SUNY at Stony Brook, NY
1970 - 1973 Projector and Instructor at Youkyoung Foundation 
(The First Lady’s non-profit organization), Seoul, Korea

2016 Gallery D'Arte, Manhattan, NY, USA 
2016 LA Artcore, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
2015. Nabi museum of arts, NJ, USA
2010 Insagallery, Seoul, Korea
2010 Hutchins Gallery, L.I .University, NY
2008 Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2008 GallerySeujong, Kungkido, Korea.
2006 Space world, L.I.C. NY.
2005 Open Gallery, Northport, NY
2004 Modern Art Gallery,Wilshir Blv, LA.
2001 Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridge Hampton, NY
1999 Art Space, Seoul, Korea
1997 SUNY at Stony Brook Union Gallery, NY
1996 Cast Iron Gallery, Manhattan, NY
1995 Seoul Arts CenterHangram Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1994Soomok Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1994 Walter Wickisergallery, Manhattan, NY
1993 East-West Cultural Studies Gallery, Manhattan, NY
1990 Now Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1990 On Gallery,Osaka , Japan
1989 Yoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1989 Soo Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1986 Duson Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1996 Gallery Korea (Korean Cultural Center), Manhattan, NY

2015 Arthampton international art fair. Bridgehampton. NY.
2013 KIAF, KOEX, Seoul, Korea.
2004 - 2008 KIAF (Korea International Art Fair)Seujong gallery, KOEX, Seoul,Korea

2015."Exploring Harmony with nature" Flushing town hall, NY
2014 Shades of time 1989-2001. Korean Cultural Gallery. Queens Museum of Art, NY.
2013 E.E.A.C. Riverhead, NY
2011 chasing dream 56. The Space Gallery Maum, NY
2010 100 pieces, Insagallery. Seoul, Korea
2010 Rhapsody inblue, Insa Gallery. Seoul, Korea
2010 Maum Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2009 "Yes, we are connected!," Space world, L.I.C. NY
2009 Alumni of 10exhibition. Nahrah gallery. NJ
2008 Another masterpiece, New Acquisitions,Gyenggi MOMA, Korea
2007E.E.A.C. , Riverhead, NY
2006 Long Island Landscape, Open Gallery, NY
2006 KIAF, GallerySeujong, Seoul, Korea
2005Segae Times Gallery, L.I.C., NY
2005 CPS Group show, CPS Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2005 KIAF, GallerySeujong, Seoul, Korea.
2005 AAWAA Group show, Ceresgallery, Manhattan, NY
2004 KIAF, GallerySeujong, Seoul, Korea
2004 AAWAA (Asian American Woman’s Alliance) Brooklyn, NY
2004Hanriver Art Forum, Seoul, Korea
2003 E.E.A.C. Gallery, Riverhead, NY
1997 Contemporary Asian Artists in America, Smith Township Art Council Gallery, NY
1997 59th Annual Guild Hall Artist Member’s Exhibition, Guild Hall of East Hampton, NY
1996 Seoul Print Club Exhibition, KimNehyun Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1995 Walter Wickiser Gallery, Manhattan, NY
1993 40 Years of Korean Contemporary Printmaking, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
1993 The 13th Seoul Print Club Exhibition,Seoho Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1992 The 12th Seoul Print Club Exhibition,Seoho Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1992 Contemporary Figurative Art Now, Confrontation of Dream and Reality, Hyundai Art Gallery, Korea
1992 Seoul Art Exhibition 1992, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
1991 The 2nd Seoul Contemporary Art Festival, Fine Art Center (Korea Culture & Art Foundation), Korea
1990 Seoul Print 90,Shinsgae Art gallery, Seoul, Korea
1990 Today’s 55 Female Artists, Total Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
1990 The 7th Seoul International Print Biennale, Seoul Gallery, Korea
1990Songshin Print90, Fine Art Center, Seoul, Korea and at Daejon City Hall, Daejon
1989 The Figurative Arts of 1980’s, Kumho Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1989 Korea-America Print Art Exchange Exhibition, Walkerhill Art Museum, 
Seoul and Korea Cultural Center, Los Angeles
1988 Korea-Japan Print Encounter, Japanese Cultural Center, Seoul and Injae Gallery, Kwangju, Korea
1988 Contemporary Art of Korea, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, Mexico
1988 The 25th Exhibition of Korea Contemporary Printmakers Association, Fine Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1987 The 7th Contemporary Print Public Subscription, Batangol Gallery, Korea (Awarded Grand Prize)
1987 The 6th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
1987 The Print Media Exhibition, Dusan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1986 Seoul Print 86,Baikak Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1986 The 6th Contemporary Print Contest, Fine Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1986 Six-Print makers fromSunshin Mackhyang Gallery, Taegu, Korea
1986 The Print Media Members’ Exhibition, Duson Gallery, Seoul
1986 The 10th Space International Mini Print Show, Space Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1985 Seoul print 85,Paikak Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1985 Exhibition of Frontier, Lloyd Shin Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1985 Sungshin Prints 85, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1985 The 21st Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association, Fine Art Center, Korea
1985 Independents (the 11th Exhibition), Fine Art Center, Seoul
1975 The 24th National Art Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
1974 The 23rd National Art Exhibition, National Museum Of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
1973 The 22nd National Art Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
1972 Korean Art Grand Prix Exhibition, National Museum Ofcontemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

1997 Stage Art for Sunok Lee’s Zen Dance Performance, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1993 Stage Art for Sunok Lee’s Zen Dance Performance, The Lincoln Center, Manhattan, NY

Gyeonggi Modern Art Museum, Korea
Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
Moran Museum, Seoul, Korea
Sam-Sung Foundation of Culture, Seoul, Korea
Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea
Hakgojae, Seoul, Korea
Rugansoon Memorial Building, Seoul, Korea
Ewha 100 year Memorial Museum, Seoul, Korea
Won Buddhism Seoulcenter, Seoul, Korea
As well as many other private collections

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