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Particle to matter
Costas Picadas. BIOME 1-MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS 120X72, 2021
Costas Picada. BIOMES 12 -MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS 48X48. 2021
Costas Picada. BIOMES 2 -MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS 60X72. 2021
Costas Picada. BIOMES 5 -MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS 60X72. 2021
Costas Picada. BIOMES 11 -MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS 48X48. 2021
Joohyun Kang: As dew flows down the mountain
Joohyun Kang - light eternal light.oil on canvas 48_x48_2023jpg
Joohyun Kang: Rocks become Mountains, Oil on canvas, 28x36, 2020

Particle to Matter: Joohyun Kang, Costas Picadas

Paris Koh Fine Arts (201 Bridge Plaza North, Suite 1, Fort Lee, NJ 07024) proudly presents "Particle to Matter: Joohyun Kang and Costas Picadas" an exhibition curated by Thalia Vrachopoulos and celebrated with an opening on Wednesday, October 11th from 6-8 pm. The show will run from October 10th - 31st, 2023. Preview will be held on October 10th.

The title and theme of this show references the commonly held idea that life’s origins stem from the primordial soup. Recently other scientific theories have surfaced as academics have tried to replace this belief. For example, Dr. Nick Lane from the University College London writes about “the alternative, that life arose from gases (H2, CO2, N2, and H2S) and that the energy for first life came from harnessing geochemical gradients created by mother Earth at a special kind of deep-sea hydrothermal vent -- one that is riddled with tiny interconnected compartments or pores." These are concepts with which Joohyun Kang and Costas Picadas are morphologically and philosophically engaged. This exhibition encompasses paintings and paper works as well as digital prints by Kang and Picadas.

Kang studies the universe and its infinitude portraying life’s multilayered aspects and life cycles that repeat and extinguish themselves while trying to survive. As Kang writes in her statement “I visualize landscapes that dwell in my dreams and inner world”. She creates works that although still considered paintings, contain complex dimensional aspects because they’re encrusted with unusual materials like sequins, and sparkling beads. Kang who graduated from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn in 1998, currently lives and works in both Seoul and New Jersey. Kang has exhibited at the Korea Cultural Center, the Shiva Gallery at John Jay College, CUNY, The Work Space, Artist Space, Exit Art, New York, Milan, and in various venues in Korea. Kang’s works have been reviewed in prestigious publications among which are the Huffington Post, NY Arts Magazine, Art in Culture.

In works that bridge biology and art, Picadas seeks the common denominator within the cellular construction of the human body and as extension, of existence. He examines macro and micro existence through medical slides and lenses while seeking the coding of micro-organisms creating complex forms with great impact. Costas Picadas who was born in Ioannina, Greece studied fine arts and art history at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and the Louvre School in Paris, and currently lives and works in New York. Picadas has exhibited his works internationally at biennales, festivals, and galleries in Athens, Paris, Avignon, Amsterdam, and New York.

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