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Window of Memories, Oil on linen, 40 (h) x 30 (w), 2008-2009
Silver Surfer Baby, Oil on canvas, 2007, 20 (h) x 20 (w), 2007
Staying Together, Oil on canvas, 45 (h) x 61 (w), 2020-2022
Bearing Lives, Oil on canvas, 24 (h) x 24 (w), 2008
Red Leaves, Oil on canvas, 42 (h) x 64 (w), 2005
A Road to Paradise, Oil on canvas, 36 (h) x 52 (w), 2000
American Dream, Oil on canvas, 40 (h) x 50 (w), 2005
A Precious Life, Oil on linen, 42 (h) x 60 (w), 2006
A Bearing Life, Oil on canvas, 50 (h) x 40 (w), 2005
Sunhee Kim Jung Solo Exhibition "Living Prganism"

For Immediate Release:



Paris Koh Fine Arts (201 Bridge Plaza North, Suite 1, Fort Lee, NJ), proud to present a solo exhibition “Sunhee Kim Jung: Living Organism”

This show will run from September 6 – 29th with an opening reception on Sep. 8th from 6-8pm.


Jung creates work to give peace and joy to one’s heart.  This is what she gets when she paints her subjects.  There are beautiful images all around us and as she identify them, Sunhee capture them and interpret them onto the canvas.  Why painting?  The soft gliding effect of oil brushed onto the canvas transforms her into a free spirit with limitless boundaries. 



Artist Statement


In my paintings, there are several main subjects such as plants, bones, fetuses, baskets and even the image from an X-ray of my torso.  I love flowers and plants. I painted a lot of tropical flowers and plants. Those exotic images take me away to an oasis. A lot of people ask me the names of the flowers and plants I paint, but in many cases, I don’t know. When I paint them, the names are not important to me. The images and the feelings I get are.


I continue to experiment with colors, express my deepest thoughts. My inspiration comes from my desire for our world to be a world of peace, where there is only beauty in everything. The Superhero babies represent hope for humanity.  We are all born heroes, capable of changing and saving the world.


Unseen on Eyes

There are things invisible to the naked eye and sometimes visible when a photograph is taken. I work in a way that draws metaphysical forms that are invisible to the naked eye but reflected in a/ photograph in comparison with the visible.

There are so many things I couldn’t see. I was right next to the valuable thing hidden but only realized it after the thing was gone. I am trying to find the invisible that brings me comfort in the life of the painting. The Peace that nature gives me; the mysticism of another form of nature that exist next to the beauty of life discovered while drawing visible plants, makes my heart flutter.



For More Information:

Paris Koh Fine Arts: 201 Bridge Plaza North, Suite 1, Fort Lee NJ, 

201 724 7077,

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