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Lullaby-Hyunjung Kim
Illwoo YoonseoPark_The hanging shadow in the air 1, 2, 2019, Ink, Color, on paper, Yarn, 3
Heejung Kim_ Mandala of Day and Night_2019_watercolor gold and white marker on paper_45 x 45inch.
Hyunjung Kim, Blind in Art
Sunjung Kim_ Oriental Painting on Korean Silk
Heejung Kim Eclipse_44 x30 inxhes_gold marker on black paper_2017
Heejung Kim Cosmos_44 x 30 inches, gold marker on black paper_2017
YONGJU  JANG, Plastic nature, 65.5x23cm,Acrylic Mixed media,2018
Group Exhibition: Korean Art in Flux

Group Exhibition: Korean Art in Flux


The ART APPEL GALLERY  invites you at the inauguration of the group exhibition of artists:


Mars Heejung Kim,  Yong Ju Jang,  Seunghwui Koo, SunJeong Kim, Ilwoo Yoonseo Park, Hyunjung Kim

July 11- September 11, 2019


Opening Reception:

Thursday, July 11th, 8-11PM


ART APPEL GALLERY Neophytos Vamvas 5 106 74 Kolonaki Athens

ART APPEL GALLERY, at Neophytos Vamvas 5 in Athens, proudly presents the group exhibition "Korean Art in Flux" by artists Sun Jeong Kim, Yong Ju Jang, IllwooYoonseo Park, Mars Heejung Kim, and Hyunjung Kim.

The exhibition features five Korean artists - some based in Korea and others in New York - and their contemporary interpretation of traditional art. These varieties include the incorporation of traditional materials, images, and styles to recreate modern concepts. Similarly, others invest in new resources to replicate traditional feelings.


Sun Jeong Kim focuses on the concept of "people" through which the works of the <Her> series emerge. The use of stratification, separation, cutting or moving silk veils conveys a subtle sense of space and dimension to show the mythical relationships between interest in humans and the imagination of nature.

IllwooYoonseo Park expresses the idea that the basis of art is to feel, not to see. He uses his imagination to remove the impediment between illusion and reality, allowing the created visions to actually become.

Yong Ju Jang came to the conclusion that her work is a fusion of traditional and modern ideas, a stage in which the past meets the present, both through materials and techniques.

Mars Heejung Kim uses geometric shapes from the Buddhist Tibetan Mandala to express galaxies in abstract motifs. Using various recurring shapes, Kim's works show sophisticated surfaces comprised of elegant color combinations with amazing graphic effects.

Hyunjung Kim asks the ontological question "who am I" to establish a unique language. This state of investigation leads to Kim's interest in the value of humanity in modern society. Using Braille dots and codes, Kim creates essentially abstract works, such as carvings and inscriptions for interactive works, to remind society of its own values.



Suechung Koh






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