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Jaiseok Kang a.k.a Jason River

Solo Exhibition

“artificial. BEAUTY: Jaiseok Kang a.k.a. Jason River”

April 9 - 30, 2022

opening reception on Saturday, April 9th from 3-6pm.


Jason River's work presents an illusion such as a male mermaid, a jellyfish woman gently floating in the water, and a celestial woman with her wings wide open; a moment of fantasy that would be possible if we entered a fairy tale is being realized in his photographs.


If the bubble wrap used in the work in 2015 expressed the human as a static sculpture by wrapping the body in bubble wrap, in this series, colored bubble wrap is cut into pieces and blown like a feather. It creates the effect of maximizing the dynamic movement of human beings.

After creating a background of the desired color, wearing a wire frame, or attaching it to the body, the frame is filled with the cut bubble wrap to create the shape and pose the artist wants. After, Jason River uses strong flashes and wind to arrange the cut bubble wrap in all directions. It creates a fantastic scene like the flying feathers. In this way, his photos capture the artificially created moment as beautifully and naturally as possible.

It is really hard to believe that you can create absolute beauty with artificial materials such as bubble wrap, wire, and flashlight in a small studio.


Jaiseok Kang a.k.a Jason River(강재석) was born in Seoul, South Korea. He studied Fine Art such as Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking at Brooklyn College until 2009, and has been shown both his photographs and printmaking extensively in galleries and a museum throughout the Untied States. Now he lives and continues his work in Brooklyn, New York.


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