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Hak-Kyun Kim
Hak-Kyun Kim
Hak-Kyun Kim
Hak-Kyun Kim
Hak-Kyun Kim
Hak-Kyun Kim
Hak-Kyun Kim
Hak-Kyun Kim

Hak-Kyun Kim

Artist Statement

My work consists of the image of young children and their portrayal of humorous expressions from within.  Anyone's childhood memory must include times of playing with folded paper, formally known as origami.  Paper planes, paper boats, paper windmills... playing with such objects allows one's wings of imagination and fantasy to spread out and take flight.  With "clay" being my work's main medium, I endeavor to keep my work clean, simple, yet different from one's typical day-to-day lifestyle.  This is what makes my work and my life.

I teach young children every day.  In addition, I play the role of a mother and raise my daughter on my own.  Well, I guess we just live together.

Should I say that the work of my life acts as the connecting string between fantasy and reality before I consider it a work of creation?  Just like a "time machine".  I'm living a life of freestyle that is always seeking, allowing no restrictions on construction.

The name I gave to my created works is "Super Baby".  The figure of a small person, a cape, and wings are all combined to make a representative image.  "Super Baby" has a bright smile spread across its face.  Just thinking about its facial expression can brighten up one's soul.  Thus, I always love a face that smiles brightly as my work.  As I aged and life's burdens started to weigh me down, I then started to use this facial expression along with my work.  "Super Baby" not only tells a story with its a smile but also it's expressive fingers and hands.  They act as if they were forming sign language and communicate the emotions and feelings of my work.

The essence of my work is delivered straight on through its general "small person" figure, but the cape, paper boat, paper airplane, wings, goggles, and etc. are objects that serve as important icons for the overall meaning of my work.  They represent unlimited and infinite strength.  Superman's cape, an angel's wings, a paper airplane made to fly, a paper boat that can go wherever- anything is possible.


The symbolism of the cape can differ depending on one's perspective and interpretation.  One can view it like the cape of a fictional children's character such as Don Quixote.  Another can simply think of how Superman wore the cape for his mission in saving the world.  Someone can see the cape belonging to a story's typical "bad guy", full of evil and secret intentions to bring about destruction.  Or the cape can be of a child's, one that is full of love, happiness, and childhood memories- allowing us to see a glimpse of our past selves. 


My work gives me a break from everyday life.  I consider it my "playtime" in the midst of everything, yet in a sense, it also becomes life itself.  As I live my life as an immigrant here in America, I tell my story through "Super Baby".



2008  M F A  in Sculpture,  CUNY at Lehman College,  New York,  USA

2002  M.F.A  in Painting,  Sungshin University  In Seoul, Korea.

1994  B.A    in Western Painting, Suwon University  In Suwon, Korea.




2010-  Mar 08~ 31 “Everyday Life” in Palisades Park Library – Media Center In New Jersey

2003-  Jul. 1  “Discover Young Artist 2003,” Artforum Newgate In Seoul.

2001-  Jul. 15  “Portfolio” Kwanhoon  Gallery In Seoul.

2000-  Mar. 8  “Me Square” Kwanhoon  Gallery In Seoul.



2011   Aug- “ 1 & 9 Gallery” New Jersey, USA

2011   June -“Art Work Silent Auction” New York, USA

2011   Mar -“ Scope Miami Art show” New York, USA

2011   Feb -“Spreading Outward” International Center in New York, USA

2010   Dec - Jan (2011) "Chasing Dreams 56" Gallary MAUM in New York, USA

2010   Nov “ Scope Miami Art show” Miami in Florida, USA

2010   Nov “Award Ceremony and Benefit GALA” AHL Foundation in New Jersey,  USA

2010   Nov “WRCMC ART Exhibition” Lowes Philadelphia Hotel in Pensylvania, USA

2010   July “AS ONE” Phoenix Gallery in New York, USA

2010   April “ The Appearance” Riverside Gallery in New Jersey, USA

2010   Feb “Now and...” International Center in New York, USA

2009   “RCA 09” Remnant Cultural Restoration Art Exhibition In Crystal Gateway Marriott, VA In USA

2008   “The Dream” Riverside Gallery In New Jersey, USA

2008   “Curator’s Choice” Lehman Student Art Gallery In New York,  USA

2007   “The Lehman College Art” Gallery In New York,  USA

2006   “The Lehman College Student Art Award” Lehman College Art Building, New York, USA

2003   “Sungshin Univ. Teaching Assistants' Show”, Gallery Kaia, Seoul.

2003   “Appearance” Jongro Gallery In Seoul

2003   “Discover Young Artist 2003,” Artforum Newgate In Seoul

2002   “Twentieth First Century New Artists,” Seoul Art Center, Seoul.

2001   “Bus-Bus Two Persons Exhibition,” On-Line Exhibition.

2001   “Warming Up Party” Jinheung Art Hall In Seoul

2000   “Training Flies,” Gallery Boda, Seoul.

2000   “Independent Curator” Jinheung Art Hall In Seoul.

2000   “Hands Of Mundane Life” Song Pa Library In Song Pa

2000   “Hands Of Mundane Life” Kim Po Municipal Center In Kim Po

2000   “Hands Of Mundane Life” Bucheon City Hall In Bucheon

2000   “Working Together”  Light Gallery  In Seoul Korea

1999    “Sumidong, Gallery Ehu, Seoul.

1999   “Sale” Ehu Gallery, Seoul

1999  “21Th Century New Artists” Suwon University In Suwon

1999  “Mountain 2-2” Eve Gallery In Seoul

1999  “Nanwon” Korea Culture & Arts Foundation In Seoul.

1999  “Goon Po Regional Artists” Goon Po City Art Museum In Goon Po

1998   “Nanwon” Jongro Gallery In Seoul.

1998   “Mountain 2-2” Kyoung In Gallery In Seoul

1998   “U-Painting” Hanjeon Gallery In Seoul

1998   “Moodeong Art Competition” Kwangju Museum.

1998    “Korea Contemporary Art Competition” Design Packaging Center In Seoul

1994   “New Form” Gallery Yoon, Seoul.

1994  “Mountain” 2-2 Kyoung In Galler In Seoul

1994  “MBC Art Competition”  Seoul Art Center

1994  “Small Props” Sagak Gallery In Seoul




2006  May The Lehman College Student  Art Award, New York,  USA

2003  Jun. “Discover Young Artist 2003,” Artforum Newgate, Seoul.

1998  Sep “Academic scholarship” by Sungshin Women’s University.

1998  Oct. “Moodeong Art Competition”  Kwangju Museum.

1994  Oct. “MBC Art Competition” Seoul Art Center.

1994  Jan “94 The Best of Art”  Baik Sang Gallery





2010  Aug “ Vitality” Riverside Gallery in  New jersey

2010  April “ The Appearance” Riverside Gallery in New Jersey

2009  “Recognition”  Riverside Gallery, New Jersey,

2003  Korean fine arts association member

2003  “Appearance,” Jogro Gallery, Seoul

2003  Dec  Sung shin University TA of Western Painting. Seoul.

2002  Feb  “Arias with You Can Enjoy for 500Won”, Jinheung Art Hall, Seoul.

2000  Mar  “Independent Curator” Jinh Eung Art Hall, Seoul.

2001  Mar  “Assistant to the Organizer of Bus-Bus”: Duo Exhibition (On-Line Exhibition found at

1992  May Art therapist, Autism medical center





2011   June “ The UN  Secretary-General”  Ban Ki-moon

2011   Mar “ All Rights Reserved.”  

2010   Nov “Award Ceremony and Benefit GALA” AHL Foundation in New Jersey, USA

2010   “ Riverside Gallery” In New Jersey

2008    SoonMi - Seo In USA

2003   “Art Forum New Gate” In Seoul.Korea

2000   “Light Gallery” In Seoul Korea


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