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Boyoung Lee

2014  Pursuing doctorate at Chonbuk National University, Graduate School of Fine Arts
2010  M.A. Graduate School of Art Education, Chonbuk National University
2008 B.F.A. Department of Fine Arts, Chonbuk National University


Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014  “The Topsy Turvy World”, Elga Wimmer-Hyun Contemporary, New York
2013  ”in nature”, Chonbuk National University Exhibition Center, Jeonju, Korea
2012   Jeong Art Gallery Planning & Invitational Exhibition, Jeong Art Gallery, Korea
2012  “Expressions outside the Windows,” Gyodong Art, Jeonju, Korea
2011   Casa de Lago Invitational Exhibition, Casa de Lago, Gunsan, Korea
2011   Boyoung Lee Solo Exhibition, Space Sharing Gallery, Jeonju, Korea
2011  “Growing”,Gyodong Art Centre, Korea


2010  Art INCULTURE “Eastern Monsters” Sellected
2010 Hanseong Baekje Art Competition Participation Prize
2009 Hanseong Baekje Art Competition Participation Prize
2006  Ongoeul Grand Art Competition Submission Acceptance
2005  Ongoeul Grand Art Competition Submission Acceptance


Permanent Displays
Jeollabuk-do Jeonju City Hall
Chonbuk National University Main Hall, Library, Jeonju
Choi Buk Art Museum, Muju
Gyodong Art Gallery, Jeonju


Artist Statement
“Like paths I would like to connect between my life and our lives…”
Focusing on humans who are becoming alienated in the rapidly changing modern society, I attempt to express the state of natural recurrence caused by psychological conditions and stress which arise as a result of alienation, the conflict of emotion, and the questions they have regarding that which they earnestly pursue.
I’m interested in life and the inner workings of humankind as well as the lifestyle sceneries that arise in those spaces. As a result, I tried to express the communication with the people around you as a human being and not a solitary being through the merging of images of animals and nature, presenting another new space within the work through the placement of windows, which are a personal image, and giraffes.
Through work on these pieces, I attempted to create an opportunity to examine the spaces in which we live and to perceive anew the scenery of our surroundings through that examination. I also wanted to connect the stories of the communication of life concerning ordinary people shown through uniform windows.




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